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Dear Bernadette, Prosper ISD Board, Prosper ISD Administration, SBOE Chair, Vice Chair, and SBOE Representative Melton-Malone, Texas State Representatives: Sanford, Holland, and Patterson, and Senator Springer,

I am writing to support Prosper Citizen Group PAC in their call for Prosper ISD and ISD's across the State to reconsider, in a transparent and engaging way with parents, books like this that are inappropriate in our School libraries! I implore you to act upon Prosper Citizen Group's book reconsideration and immediately remove these books.

For those that are not Prosper ISD Leaders, I challenge you, along with Prosper Citizen Group PAC, to ensure Texas Laws and State School Board rules ensure that obscene materials like this are not allowed in our school libraries. Secondly, ensure parents have the ability to review any and all materials used and/or accessed by their students as has been outlined by Prosper Citizen Group PAC.

Warmest Regards,

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