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Prosper Citizen Group Membership PAC

Engaging, Educating, Vetting, Endorsing, and Electing...

Our Mission

  • Our primary purpose at Prosper Citizen Group is to advocate, educate, and press for policies that support our stated values by identifying, vetting, and supporting future candidates seeking positions for local elections as well as working with elected Officials. We will support elected Officials and candidates that believe in individual liberty, limited government, transparency and accountability, fiscal responsibility, and alignment to the U.S. and Texas Constitution.   Our commitment to supported candidates is holistic and unwavering.  We will provide all necessary election and in-office related support to include: campaign financing, communications, and community education and engagement throughout the entirety of the Officials’ term in office and candidates’ election cycle.  In addition to supporting local Prosper elected Officials and candidates, we will seek to support Denton County, Collin County, and State elected Officials and candidates that influence the Town of Prosper and Prosper Independent School District (“ISD”).

Our Values
  • The U.S. and State of Texas Constitutions and the U.S. Founding Documents:  These are the inspired documents that lay the foundations for the governance of our Society and enshrined in these documents are the core principles of:
    • Popular Sovereignty: It is "We the People" that empower all forms of government;
    • Republicanism: It is "We the People" that also vote in and support our elected Officials to represent us and to uphold our values along with the Constitution and Founding Documents;
    • Limited Government: It is "We the People" that are empowered and not the government. The government is constrained by the Founding Documents to ensure "We the People" remain in control of our individual and collective destinies. 
    • Individual Rights: "We the People" are free to live within the Laws of our Nation, State, County, and Town; however, we are also free to challenge, change, and demand changes to represent the values and concepts enshrined in the Founding Documents by advocating for or against laws, policies, candidates, and Elected Officials.
    • Transparency: "We the People" shall be given access to our government and be informed of the decisions and deliberation that have taken place.  We will not stand for back-room politics or decision making and elected officials shall be held accountable for their decisions.
Our Objectives
  • To promote an informed electorate in the Town of Prosper and Prosper ISD through dissemination of political educational information;
  • To encourage involvement and awareness of local and ISD governance in the citizenry of Town of Prosper, Texas and Prosper ISD;
  • To work for the election of town and school district Officials who are responsive to the citizens and represent the values of the membership;
  • To encourage active dialogue between the citizenry (voters) and public officials to drive the values and goals of the PCG PAC.

Prosper Citizen Group PAC is Governed by Texas Ethics Committee with File Number: 00085617

Operates as an IRS 527 Political Organization. Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved.

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