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Prosper ISD Reconsideration

  • 18 Jan 2022 3:41 PM
    Message # 12277865
    Doug Charles (Administrator)

    To Members and PAC Supporters,

    On January 18, 2022, the Prosper Citizen Group PAC (the “PAC”) submitted a formal request to have several books removed from PISD school libraries.  A copy of that request is linked here.

    The PAC is, and always will be, fervent supporters of the First Amendment and diversity of thought.  The PAC also wants a welcoming environment for all families within our District.  We believe that these goals can be accomplished through mutual kindness and respect for one another and with an understanding of the proper roles that our schools and our families are to fulfill.   

    The books at issue in the PAC’s request to PISD do not further the education of PISD students and they discuss subject matter that violates the Texas obscenity statute and is inappropriate and harmful to children, particularly at the elementary school level.  They also usurp the role of the parents in our District by introducing ideologies and belief systems that are not in line with all families and should be left to parents to discuss with their children as they see fit.  For instance, the books include themes of children as young as 11 being transgender and/or gay, rape, gender theory, drug use, teenage prostitution, abortion, and explicit discussions (and images) of various hetero and homosexual sex acts.  We find it unconscionable that the tax dollars of PISD residents were used to purchase these books and that they are readily available to our children across the District.  

    We encourage you use the PAC's Action Center ( to send an email to voice your support for having these books removed from our schools’ libraries.  You can also contact your child’s campus librarian to place restrictions on your child’s ability to check out this type of material from their school library and to receive a copy of your child’s checkout history. 

    We are grateful as a PAC that you are actively engaged; however, we also need many more parents, students, and concerned Citizens to be engaged. Please share this on your social media, send emails/text messages, letting others know to get engaged. As together we are stronger!

    Warmest Regards,

    Prosper Citizen Group PAC

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